What Bathroom Would Jesus Use?

I just want to know where I am supposed to go to the bathroom now.

How quickly we shot ahead from the June 26th Obergefell decision, and on to the business of holding everyone in the population hostage to the demands of a small, small minority of people who are the next darling group of the secular Left.

This would be those who have adopted the label and category (because today we now have to label and categorize everyone) of “transgendered.”  These are persons who are genetically and biologically born as one sex, “male” or “female” to borrow the archaic terms of the Book of Genesis, but who have decided that they are actually another sex, or perhaps a mix of the two.

As the argument proceeds, such persons have transcended our worn out categories of male and female to the point where we now have to re-think all of our everyday social conventions that have been built up around the steady designations of male and female.  Pronouns have to go.  Different clothing departments and toy aisles for the different sexes are on the way out.  And of course, there is the problem of bathrooms and locker rooms which currently are very inconveniently designated by sex.

I am quite willing to create my own parallel society of Christian ethics and outlook in a variety of ways where necessary these days, it’s true.  I can avoid most of the entertainment industry.  I can decide not go to stores on Sundays to try and protect the sovereignty of the Third Commandment.  I can refuse to do weddings for two men who want to get married and not be all that concerned about going to jail or even getting killed for it.  No big deal.

But does all this mean that the day is almost upon me where now, when traveling in any public place (airports, hospitals, stores) I have to figure out how not to share a bathroom with women?  It will make for some very difficult trips.

It is true that for a lot of human history there were not such things bathrooms, much less those for just men and those for women. The poorest parts of our world still do not have this luxury.  But in our current global reality with such intense mixing all day, every day, in such enormous volumes, of persons who are total strangers, it is an act of violence to the human person to strip away the needed separation of the sexes when the means do exist to keep them segregated.  In other words:  no one should force me to change clothing in front of a woman, or vise versa.

But that is only true if one accepts the premise that there is such a thing as male or female.  It is not an exaggeration to say that it will soon be illegal to think so.

Perhaps the most maddening thing about it all is its patent absurdity.  It is as though vast sectors of educated society have fallen under some spell, with their reason and senses simply disabled.  A person who claims to be transgendered, to say it plainly, is suffering from a type of personality disorder, and they need expert clinical therapy to help them come to terms with whatever emotional and mental challenges they are facing.  In that manner, compassion is totally in order.  I feel sorry for a person who is so confused.

If I walked up to anyone around me and told them that I was convinced that I am a giraffe, or that I am on fire, they would instantly know that I was delusional.  Because it would be plain in the realm of the reason and the senses that I am clearly none of those things.

So how is it that a man can claim to be a woman and vise versa and we take that seriously? How is it that the gay culture and trumpet from the rooftops, “I was born this way, you can’t change me,” but a person who has adopted the label of “transgendered” can claim that their sexual identity is as malleable as a lump of clay?

Sadly enough, rather than actually trying to help these people with good, corrective measures, in an amazing inversion of anything logical, we are deciding that the delusional mind is the sound one, and all the rest of our needed social conventions need to bend around them.  It is a bit like the two year old putting the parents in time out.  Or, the inmates running the asylum, etc, etc- you’ve heard all the sayings before.

Welcome to the new world order.  The Church is the one institution on the planet that is capable of rescuing society from this mess, but sadly enough right now we are not up to the challenge in light of our own confusion on these same topics, from the top down.

Where would Jesus go to the bathroom?  What would he say to our sisters and brothers who have fallen under the delusion that they can re-create their own sexuality?  He would love them, of course.  And that means he would lovingly cast out the demons and break the spell they are under in order to set them free.

Everyone is very afraid these days.  Afraid of getting sued. Afraid of being disliked.  Afraid of being ridiculed.  Fear is driving the entire thing forward, rather than faith.

Christ, as always, said it best:  Be not afraid. Take courage, I have overcome the world.  I have given you the consolation of the truth. I am with you always, until the end of the age.

And so, we will fight the good fight.  But indeed, it is going to be a very difficult and long trip, with no rest stops along the way for a long time to come.

About Father Nathan Reesman

On Twitter: @FatherReesman Father Nathan Reesman is a priest of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee, ordained in 2006. He is the Shared Pastor of Immaculate Conception Parish, and also of Saint Frances Cabrini Parish, both in West Bend, Wisconsin. Father Reesman is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, obtaining his Bachelors of Arts in Political Science in the year 2000. He completed his seminary studies at Saint Francis de Sales Seminary for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee in 2006, obtaining a Masters of Divinity. Father Reesman completed post-graduate studies at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, obtaining a Doctor of Ministry in 2019.
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